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Fact Checking: Pain

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – October 2020 Calling out the liars. From the Chiropractor How often have you been told or heard someone else being told these […]

My head is pounding and I’m sick of it

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – August 2020 Get rid of headaches with chiropractic care From the Chiropractor Headaches in 2020 have been a constant for too many.  […]

Love and Appreciation

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – August 2020 Chiropractic Care Is A Game Changer From the Chiropractor “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act, […]

Summer Fun

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – July 2020 Chiropractic Care Keeps You Active or Gets You Active. From the Chiropractor’s Daughter Hi my name is Misha Kingston, You […]

Six Ways to Save Your Summer

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – June 2020 Feel GREAT this Summer with Chiropractic Care. From the Chiropractor Most of us have far more courage than we ever […]

Shock Horror, May Day Massacre

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – April 2020 Live to Your Potential From the Chiropractor “Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory” – Albert […]

We are tough and getting tougher

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – April 2020 Recovering from Covid-19 From the Chiropractor Even if you don’t feel like it, you have changed and changed for the […]

March Workouts Gone Wrong

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – March 2020 Are body pains preventing you from working out? From the Chiropractor “Movement is the universal language of personal freedom” -Louis […]

Change is Constant

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – February 2020 We Appreciate You! From the Chiropractor “Change is the only constant” – Heraclitus- Thank you for being patient with us […]

Best Year Ever!

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – January 2020 We Appreciate You! From the Chiropractor Repeat after me, “This is going to be the best year of my life.” […]

Let’s MOVE Into The New Year

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – December 2019 We Appreciate You! From the Chiropractor Thank you for a remarkable year.  As a team, we are so thankful to […]

Raise Your Vibration

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – November 2019 Set Yourself Up To Win! From the Chiropractor “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in […]

The Chiropractic Solutions Difference

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – October 2019 Our being different makes all the difference for you! From the Chiropractor How is Chiropractic Solutions different? As a doctor, […]

What Does Your New Normal Look Like?

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – September 2019 New Normal – Healthy Routines From the Chiropractor The new normal. School’s back in session, and summer is coming to […]

End of Summer Stress

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – August 2019 Is Bad Stress Piling Up? From the Doctor Stress is a state of physical or mental strain resulting from demanding […]

Free Yourself From Pain!

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – July 2019 What does freedom mean to you? From the Doctor Freedom noun 1.        the power or right to act, […]

Prevent becoming a hunchback

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – June 2019 How to avoid the widow’s hump! From the Doctor Addressing the hump or the bulge is the correct way, isn’t […]

How is your posture?

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – May 2019 Posture, Durability, and Self-Sufficiency From the Doctor Do you struggle with your posture? Do you want to avoid the widow’s […]

Spring into Confidence

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – April 2019 How Durable Do You Feel? From the Doctor Durable adjective 1.    able to withstand wear, pressure, or damage Spring is […]

The Impact of Slips and Falls on the Body

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – March 2019 A Drug Free Approach to Arthritis and Fibrosis From the Doctor If you escaped February without broken bones, a fractured pelvis, or […]

Help, I was in an auto accident! Now what should I do?

What Should You Do After An Auto Accident? Call the police to report the accident and exchange information with the other driver. Take pictures of all […]

Declutter and Find Your Joy

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – February 2019 Streamline Your Space and Your Spine From the Doctor “If it does not bring you joy, do not do it.” […]

5 Reasons Why You Should See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

Car accidents are traumatic no matter if they are minor fender benders or accidents where you have totaled your car.  Many people don’t know how to […]

A Simple Start to the New Year

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – January 2019 New Year, New Mindset — Keep It Simple! From the Doctor Happy New Year! Simplicity is king.  When it comes […]

Handle the Holiday Stress

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – December 2018 Holiday Stress, Adrenal Fatigue, and the Vagal Nerve From the Doctor Happy Holidays to you and yours for this Season of […]

Grateful For Our “Turkeys”

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – November 2018 Count Your Blessings and Give Thanks! From the Doctor Love.  What a wonderful time of year to give thanks, count […]

Harvest Your Healthy Habits

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – October 2018 Harvest Your Healthy Habits! From the Doctor Fall is here. Yeah for the squash, pumpkins, potatoes, and more that are […]

Live to Your Potential – Dr. Joe Teff

Madison chiropractor Dr. Joe Teff has been working in Healthcare for 38 years.  Joe was injured in High School Football and went to a chiropractor to help […]

How can a morning routine reduce stress?

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – September 2018   Get Your Routine “Right”! From the Doctor Getting our morning routine “right” sets up the day and can relieve […]

Backpack Check!

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – August 2018 Back to School Special Edition – Backpack Check!     From the Doctor As we near the end of August, […]

How to Vacation Victoriously!

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – August 2018 How can you stay healthy while you vacation? From the Doctor In our blog last August we talked about WHY […]

Live to Your Potential – Lymph 4 Life

Joe Stauffacher from Lymph 4 Life blessed us with his presence for June’s Live to Your Potential podcast .  We love Joe and his passion for […]

Join the Chiropractic Solutions Movement and Follow the Path to Freedom

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – July 2018 Health Independence and Your New Normal From the Doctor “In Health there is Freedom, Health is the first of all […]

Why should you practice mindfulness?

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – June 2018 Mindfulness and Meditation From the Doctor Why as your chiropractor and doctor would I want you to practice mindfulness? Because […]

Live to Your Potential – Improving Soft Tissues – Will Hayes

In this month’s podcast we continue our theme to support, improve, and strengthen soft tissues. Madison Chiropractor Dr Matt Kingston interviews Madison massage therapist, Will Hayes […]

Improve and Strengthen Soft Tissues

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – May 2018 Discover how to improve and strengthen your soft tissues From the Doctor We want you to move better, with more […]

Live to Your Potential – Optimum Vitality – Rejuvenation

The Secrets to Rejuvenation Revealed In this month’s Live to Your Potential podcast.  Local Madison chiropractor interviews Vanessa Teff, the owner of Optimum Vitality. Vanessa grew up in […]

Ready for a Rejuvenation?

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – April 2018 From the Doctor Rejuvenation is the process of looking and feeling younger.  As new life springs up, we want you to be […]

Live to Your Potential – E3 Endurance Coaching – Movement

Athlete or Not #YouDoYou Movement is the theme this month.  We want you to stay on top of your game, whether it is producing at work, training […]

You Do You!

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – March 2018 From the Doctor Helping athletes perform better and live to their potential is a passion here at Chiropractic Solutions.  I […]

Live to Your Potential – Isthmus Wellness – Infertility

Discover Holistic Infertility Treatments Live to Your Potential is a new podcast by Madison chiropractor Dr. Matt Kingston.  Dr. Matt will be interviewing local holistic practitioners […]

Madison Chiropractor Passionate About Helping Kids

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – February 2018 From the Doctor As a chiropractor, I am passionate about the health of kids.  The reason children are perfect candidates […]

Set Yourself Up To Win

5 Goals to Start 2018 Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – January 2018 From the Doctor Happy New Year! What a wonderful time of year to look back […]

Watch out for holiday stress!

5 Tips for Beating Holiday Stress Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – December 2017 From the Doctor Oh, how I love the Holidays, the parties, the food, and […]

How can routine chiropractic care change your life?

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – November 2017 From the Doctor With November comes Thanksgiving, and here at Madison Chiropractic Solutions, we are super thankful for the success […]

The sexy routine of happy, healthy, and well-adjusted families.

What does your healthy routine look like? Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – October 2017 From the Doctor Do you like to win?  I LOVE to win.  When […]

Is your child’s potential NOT being realized?

A parent’s desire to see their children reach full potential. Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – September 2017 From the Doctor As a parent, I know this feeling […]

Why do people take vacations?

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter August 2017 From the Doctor Everyone hold on, it is August.  Summer has been in full swing.  Baseball, tee ball, and softball games, […]

Stiff or Graceful?

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter July 2017 From the Doctor We are amazing creatures, we humans.  This struck me when I was playing golf yesterday, and I was […]

Jump start Dad’s health this June!

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter June 2017 From the Doctor As Father’s Day is approaching, it is a great time for family to come together and celebrate the […]

Give Mom the Gift of Health This May And Help Her Get Her Superwoman On!

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter May 2017 From the Doctor “To the world you are a mother, to your family you are the world” Mom keeps the ship […]

Six Packs are made in the Kitchen, NOT in the Gym – Part 2.

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter April 2017 From the Doctor Six packs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. Eating the right foods will decrease bloating, […]

Six packs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym!

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter March 2017 From the Doctor Playing full court basketball at the SERF (@ UW-Madison) with my buddies back in 2000 for two hours […]

Get in the mood this Valentine’s Day!

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter February 2017 From the Doctor Sex. The reason I am writing about sex is that when it comes to Erectile Dysfunction or any […]

Restoring After Delivery

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter January 2017 From the Doctor Moms are the bomb!  The uncertainty of motherhood, pregnancy, and the aftermath of birth can leave many women asking, […]

Don’t Forget About Mom December

  Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter December 2016 From the Doctor We have a passion for taking care of mothers at Chiropractic Solutions.  The idea is that mom […]

No Shave November

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter November 2016 From the Doctor Men’s health is our passion this month–specifically talking about that wonderful, glorious, prostate gland.  The prostate is important […]

Never Underestimate Your Power to Change Yourself

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter October 2016 From the Doctor The average American consumes up to 32 teaspoons of sugar a day. However, research shows that the human […]

9 Reasons NOT to Visit a Chiropractor

If you’re looking for reasons not to visit a chiropractor, here are nine reasons mixed in with a bit of sarcasm. 1.) You don’t have a spine. […]

“A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind”

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter September 2016 From the Doctor It’s well known that good communication is the foundation of any successful relationship, be it  personal or professional. […]

Keep Calm and Stay Hydrated

From the Doctor Maintaining good hydration is absolutely critical to maintaining good health, and it becomes even more important to pay attention to it as we […]

The Super Skin Edition

From the Doctor Your skin is one of the most important organs of your body and gives everyone around you a view of how healthy you are […]

Love Your Tummy with Enzycore, Multizyme, and Zypan

Give your digestive system the tender love and care it deserves this summer. It’s hard to resist all the summer treats and drinks and our digestive […]

The New Normal

Chiropractic Solutions News Letter June 2016 From the Doctor The latest Gallup poll tells us that Chiropractic treatment is beneficial, helpful and a good value to […]

Strong Foundations: Ligaplex I & II

As we wind up for summer, we start to work on our shedding some of our winter weight to look our best while we try to […]

Excellence is not an Act, but a Habit

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter May 2016 From the Doctor Opportunities to change our health and our family’s health are in our daily choices. Do you wake up […]

Fight Allergies with Allerplex

It’s that time of year again: Allergy Season. Fight the sneezing, sniffling, itchy eyes and nose symptoms that come during allergy season with Allerplex. Allerplex is Standard […]

Treat the Cause

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter April 2016 From the Doctor The brilliance and intelligence within our own bodies is flabbergasting. Our bodies and minds can internally fix any […]

CS Newsletter March 2016

From the Doctor Saint Patrick’s day is one of my favorite holidays because it means two things: winter’s thaw is here and it’s time to celebrate a […]

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – February 2016

From the Doctor “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle Nothing is more important to us than […]

Supplement of the Month: Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program

Chiropractic Solutions is a huge fan of Standard Process’ 21-Day Purification Program. That’s why it’s our first supplement of the month of the new year! We […]

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – January 2016

From the Doctor Start fast, finish strong. Very wise words from a man who is building Chiropractic clinics like Starbucks out in Washington State. Their clinics are […]

Supplement of December: Multizyme

Our digestive systems is a huge part of our lives. According to Standard Process, the nervous system of the gut is often considered the “second brain” […]

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – December 2015

From the Doctor I am so humbled this time of year. I have the greatest job on the planet because I am able to guide individuals […]

Chiropractic Solutions and Gold’s Gym: A Beautiful Partnership

Gold’s Gym in Fitchburg is offering Chiropractic Solutions patients an amazing opportunity! For the month of October only, Chiropractic Solutions patients can try out Gold’s Gym FREE for […]

Baby Colic and Chiropractic

There are a few theories as to what exactly ‘colic’ is and how it develops in infants. While some of these theories apply to some of […]

Calling All Athletes!

With fall football right around the corner pro athletes and amateurs alike are preparing to run, tackle, and defend with the best of them! It is […]

Pregnancy Pain Tips

Coming Soon!

Nutritional Quick-Fixes

Summer is a time to rejuvenate, relax, and refresh. However, more and more professionals are finding themselves exhausted after a long day at the office and […]

Emotional Release Technique

Dr. Bradley Nelson Created Emotional Release Technique and has been wildly successful with helping thousands of people in need of emotional release. We have been using […]

Cultivate Corporate Wellness

How can we change corporate and manufacturing culture to push profits, while having happier, healthier workers and workspaces? Engagement, motivation, support and strategy are the keys […]

Run, Bike or Swim to Chiropractic Solutions

To all of our athletes out there, E3 Coaching owner Zeus will be at the Clinic Tuesday June 9th at 6:15 for Run, Bike or Swim to […]

Cultivating Change

This is the best time to be alive. Never has there been an better opportunity to be happy, healthy and prosperous. The pillars of health come […]

Something for Nothing

I am amazed and humbled to be alive and have the opportunity to touch so many lives in a positive and influential way. We all have […]

Why you need to eat fats….

What is fat for? •A source of energy – Our body uses the fat we eat, and fats we make from other nutrients in our bodies, […]

Causes and Prevention of Cancer

Jesi Hirsch, RN & Wellness Coach presents: • Stop making cancer cells. Come learn about the causes and prevention of cancer. • Learn what you can […]

Gift of Health

Your life and health are your greatest asset, why not help protect them by starting Chiropractic Care at Chiropractic Solutions. Additionally, how important is the health […]

Dane County Humane Society

Chiropractic Solutions 5th birthday was celebrated by collecting donations for the Dane County Humane Society.  We feel honored to be associated with such a great partner […]

Check your Turkeys

At Chiropractic Solutions we have a passion for helping children and families live to their full health potential. This November we are checking all children with […]

Women’s Hormones Part 2, October 14th 2014

Join us at Chiropractic Solutions for our second round of discussions on the importance of the female hormone cycle. Vanessa Teff from Standard Process will be […]

Join us on Tuesday, September 9th at 6:15 pm for Guest Speaker Vanessa Teff!

On Tuesday 9/9 at 6:15, Vanessa Teff, nutritional expert and Standard Process representative, will return to Chiropractic Solutions to present the first part of her two-part […]

School is just around the corner…come in for a free backpack check!

Is your child following these guidelines to protect his/her spine?  Many children are not! If you are concerned about how your child’s backpack is affecting their […]

Coming Soon

Check Back!

Tuesday, July 22nd at 5 pm: MyoVision Open House!

Chiropractic Solutions will be closing early on Tuesday, July 22nd for our MyoVision Open House! Stop by between 5 and 7 pm on 7/22 to learn […]

Tuesday, June 17th: The Standard Process Purification Program, Weight Loss, and Wellness: Getting the Results You Want!

Join us on Tuesday, June 17th at 6:15 pm as Vanessa Teff from Standard Process visits Chiropractic Solutions to educate us all on the Standard Process […]

Tuesday May 27th: Essential Oils Workshop

Join us on Tuesday May 27th at 6:15 pm as Michelle Buchanan and Liz Mierendorf from Isthmus Acupuncture teach us the basics about essential oils and […]

Say Goodbye to Taneesha on Tuesday, May 20th at Liliana’s!

Join us on Tuesday May 20, 2014, as we say goodbye to Taneesha, and celebrate her exciting next chapter- Life Chiropractic University in Marietta, GA!  When: […]

Healthy Asian Cooking: Thursday May 22nd at 6 pm!

Join us at HyVee’s new Fitchburg location for a fun and interactive cooking class led by the store’s dietician, Kara Hoerr!  Attendees will learn how to […]

Tuesday 4/22: Dustin Maher Presents: How To Look and Feel Your Best This Summer

Chiropractic Solutions is thrilled to be hosting renowned fitness icon Dustin Maher! On Tuesday, April 22nd at 6:30 pm, A.C.E. certified personal trainer Dustin Maher will […]

Tuesday, March 11th at 6:15 pm: Better Sleep for Kids, Parents, and Parents-to-be!

Sleep issues affect many of us and unfortunately, many of our children. After all, The Infant & Children Sleep Apnea Awareness Foundation estimates that 30 to […]

Tuesday, February 11th at 6:15 pm: How to Have a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy

Join us on Tuesday, February 11th at 6:15 pm as Dr. Kingston enlightens us all on How to Have a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy! This fun, free, […]

Don’t Miss Our January Promotion!!

Through the end of January, our Gift of Health gift cards are available for ONLY $25!! The Gift of Health includes: -Initial Consultation -Exam -X-rays (if […]

Free presentation on Tuesday 1/14 about getting FIT in 2014!

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, January 14th at 6:15 pm! Chiropractic Solutions is teaming up with Jared Markiewicz from F.I.T. (Functional Integrated Training) to present tips […]

Family Time at Chiropractic Solutions

Pain initially brought Mr. & Mrs. Ahner to our clinic. Both have seen great results and when their 3 day old little boy was cranky with […]

Why Chiropractic is important for Children

Here we are in the age of enlightenment with the internet, global communication, massive technology changes and apparently a new way of health and well-being, pharmaceuticals. […]

What is the difference between Chiropractic and PT?

Physical therapists focus on musculoskeletal pain and the proper movement of joints. Chiropractors focus on removing spinal nerve pressure to improve function and vitality. Both can […]

Scoliosis Pain Relief

Scoliosis pain brought Jennie into Chiropractic Solutions with doubts after being told there was nothing she could do since she has scoliosis. Listen as she describes […]

Dane Buy Local Social

We are hosting a Dane Buy Local Social (Oct 2nd) @ Chiropractic Solutions from 5 to 7:30. See you here!

Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Patty, our July Member of the Month, initially sought care at Chiropractic Solutions after her Naturopath recommended her. She was experiencing chronic neck and lower back […]

Suggested Media for better health and life….

Movies: Food Inc. Forks over Knives What the %$#^$# (Bleep) do we know?   Books: The Wellness Paradigm by James Chestnut D.C. Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton […]

Infertility Treatment and Solutions

Have you been experiencing infertility or do you know someone who is?  Are you seeking an infertility treatment?  Chiropractic care is an excellent solution for infertility. […]

Sports Injuries – Lower Back Pain

Each month Madison Chiropractic Solutions chooses the story of one of our members to share with our community. Seeing the success other members have when sticking […]

Hip Pain

Anja is an inspiration with her level of fitness and zest for life. She is Chiropractic Solutions December “Member of the Month” for her commitment, excitement, […]

Toys for Tots Drive December 2011

Chiropractic Solutions “Toys for Tots” drive through the Marine Corps for the month of December makes it very easy to give to those children who need […]