Nutrition Response Testing

Chiropractic Solutions now offers Nutrition Response Testing! Dr. Kingston has been certified to perform this type of testing, allowing him to help patients take care of the nutritional aspect of their health by identifying and correcting nutritional deficiencies or imbalances.  Just as spinal alignment is necessary in order for your body to function at its full potential, your body also requires the right nutrients for optimal performance.  Many common health issues, including digestive complaints, fatigue, and headaches, can be improved or even eliminated by making changes to our diet.  Nutrition Response Testing allows you to:

  • Identify areas of weakness or decreased function in your body; organs or glands that may need nutritional support
  • Identify specific stressors to your body, such as food sensitivities, immune challenges, or the presence of heavy metals, chemicals, and environmental pollutants
  • Receive recommendations from Dr. Matt regarding diet, lifestyle changes, and whole food supplementation so you can restore your health and resolve chronic health issues

FAQs about Nutrition Response Testing:

What is Nutrition Response Testing?

Dr. Freddie Ulan, D.C., C.C.N. of Glens Falls, NY who developed Nutrition Response Testing in 1991, describes it as a “non-invasive method of analyzing the body to determine the actual root causes of health conditions. It enables the practitioner to determine the exact patient nutritional deficiency or imbalance so it can be corrected.”

Practitioners all over the world have been trained to perform Nutrition Response Testing, and thousands of people have experienced major improvements in their health after undergoing the test and modifying their diet accordingly.

How is the test performed?

The analysis is performed by testing particular neurologic reflexes, each one representing a specific organ, tissue or function within the body. By analyzing your body’s reflexes, Dr. Matt will be able to determine which areas of your body are not functioning as well as they could.  Once these areas have been identified, Dr. Matt will study your muscle responses to various stressors in order to figure out the root cause of the dysfunction.  The physical process involves Dr. Matt contacting your extended arm with one hand while contacting a specific reflex area with the other hand. If the reflex being tested is stressed, your nervous system will respond by reducing energy to the extended arm and directing it instead to the stressed organ or tissue.  This response denotes an underlying dysfunction present in that part of your body. When the dysfunction is corrected, the health issues it has caused can also be resolved.

How will my test results be used?

Dr. Matt will use the information gathered through the test to make recommendations for dietary changes and whole food supplementation, if necessary.  Chiropractic Solutions now offers a complete line of whole food supplements from Standard Process, a Wisconsin-based company founded in 1929 with the goal of “providing nutrients for the body as they are found in nature—in a whole food state where their natural potency and efficacy can be realized.” For more information on Standard Process, visit their website at:

Is Nutrition Response Testing safe?

Yes, it is completely safe for your entire family. It can be performed on both children and adults, and involves no risky procedures or exposure to any potentially damaging chemicals.

Will I need to have the test performed multiple times?

After the initial test, Dr. Matt may recommend that you add certain whole food supplements to your diet. After beginning a supplementation program, you will be re-tested periodically to assess how the supplements are affecting previously identified nutritional imbalances or deficiencies.

Is the test expensive?

We find that the cost of Nutrition Response Testing fits most budgets: $55 per test.

Who should I contact if I have questions about Nutrition Response Testing?

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, you may contact our office directly by calling 608-497-1161, or by emailing